CXO collaborates with founders / the C-suite of early-stage and growth companies whose missions we believe in. In such cases we become hands-on partners with the management team, helping to craft the brand and build the company’s presence in the industry’s broader conversation.


CXO Solutions specializes in brand-centric public relations, executive branding and investor relations. We are hands-on partners who care about the details that amount to scalable success.


Candace Sjogren

Founder and Managing Partner

As the founder and Managing Partner at CXO Solutions, Candace serves at Chief Strategy Officer at PlanetTogether, a leader in supply chain planning, scheduling, optimization and analytics, Dealstruck, an online lending platform that provides loans and lines of credit to small business borrowers, LoanHero, an online marketplace lender for consumer loans at the merchant point of sale, and The Health Addiction, a cutting-edge addiction recovery clinic utilizing NAD to reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol. Prior to CXO, Candace was the founder and CEO of two fin-tech companies: Bad Girl Ventures and SoMoLend, where she raised several million dollars in venture funding. 


Candace co-authored the legislation that became the JOBS Act in 2012, then chaired the Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates, the industry advocacy group for platforms and broker dealers affected by the JOBS Act. Candace continues to serve as and investor and General Counsel for Women Investing in Women, a global NGO focused on increasing access to capital for female entrepreneurs.


Candace Sjogren received her bachelor degree in Communications and law degree from Northern Kentucky University, and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Andrew.

P. Andrew Sjogren



P. Andrew Sjogren serves as the Chief Marketing Officer in residence, Head of Project Management and Head of Investor Relations for his clients.  He specializes in branding, communications, and enterprise implementations/project management


Andrew's career has focused on alternative assets, including private credit, private equity, and other esoteric asset classes. He has helped firms prepare for capital raising and worked directly with portfolio companies to build their brands and profile, raise debt and equity capital, and scale their operations so as to maximize their attractiveness to prospective capital providers. 


Andrew earned his English degree from Trinity College and resides in Boston, Massachusetts with his wife, son and dog.


Brad Telepo


Brad Telepo serves as Chief Operating Officer in residence with his clients, with a strategic strength in financial tooling and productivity and efficiency coaching for management teams.  


Brad started his first online retail company at the age of 22 while working construction.  From bringing on his first hire at 28, Brad reached the Top 200 in Sales in the music supply and instrument industry within three years, and set industry growth records among the Top 200.  He then acquired a failing retail company in 2004 and turned it around, migrating two companies for further efficiencies and economies of scale.  All the while, Brad also partnered in an internet marketing company, specializing in maximizing ROI from cost per click.  


Over the course of the past 20 years running his own business, Brad has conducted ongoing studies of systems and the impact on increasing time and mental bandwidth, generating marked profits growth through operational efficiencies.  As a Partner at CXO Solutions, Brad specializes in co-piloting with entrepreneurs and management teams in implementing learned and best practices to greatly increase team mental and emotional bandwidth.  


Brad graduated with an Accounting degree from Michigan State University, and now resides in San Diego, California.


Michael Adams


Michael Adams serves as Chief Sales Officer in residence with his clients, with a strategic strength in building out sales and service call centers for companies.


Michael has more than 20 years of experience as a senior operations, sales/service and contact center executive with deep background in financial services and demonstrated experience building high performing teams, innovating to create efficiencies that drive bottom line revenue. Dynamic change leader with strong communication, coaching, and problem-solving skills. Proven track record and experience in creating vision, shaping strategy, and energizing people across organizational boundaries to achieve it.


Key skills include: 1) operational assessment, process optimization (six-sigma), and system review/selection; 2) sales, service and customer experience design from web to phone to fulfillment; and 3) human capital management including organizational structure assessment, design, job and competency creation as well as executive presence and front line on-site temporary leadership when needed.  


Angie Ammon



Angie Ammon serves as Head of Client and Payment Relations for her clients.  Angie as 13 years of payment processing experience.  She helped develop the payment facilitator model while at Vantiv, growing the department to be responsible for more than 300 payment facilitators. Angie also worked on the emerging payments team at Visa.  Angie specializes in helping her clients develop payment processing strategies and has a strategic focus in the the following industries: Payment Technology, Mobile Solutions, State Lottery, Mass Transit, Tolls, Government, Utilities, Education (K-12 and Higher Ed), Bill Payments, Rent Payments, Social MediaPayments, and many other outsourced billing sectors.



Bill Bonnefil



Bill Bonnefil serves as Chief Product Officer in residence with his clients, with a strategic strength in UX/UI for and online presence for companies.


Bill has 17 years of experience working as a Web Designer, Creative Director, UX Strategist, Product Lead, Video Editor, Production Coordinator, Experience Builder, and all around Problem Solver.  Bill is fascinated by form and function of all aspects of the user experience, from website to app, from functional environment to venue.  Focused on the design and process of the interaction while simultaneously cognizant of the functional requirements for execution of the back end infrastructure, Bill is extremely proficient in both the left and right brain aspects of digital product creation, from business process & operations to planning & design to specification & development. From the initial white-boarding, to planning of features, to driving business initiatives, Bill believes that all facets must be managed when creating an effective product.


Zak Cassady-Dorion



Zak Cassady-Dorion serves as Chief Revenue Officer in residence with his clients, with a strategic strength in online and retail consumer product sales for companies.


Zak is a senior entrepreneurial executive with 15+ years experience managing sales, marketing, branding, operations, merchandising, and e-commerce at regional and corporate levels for both start-ups and established companies. Zak has experience working in a variety of industries: from finance to retail to e-commerce. Zak excels at implementing data and results driven sales and marketing strategies to increase revenue streams and grow business. Most recently he founded and sold Pure Mountain Olive Oil, a gourmet foods e-commerce business with 3 physical retail locations; taking the business from idea to $1MM+ yearly sales in less than 3 years.